Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV: An overview for health professionals

Access to PEP after an eligible exposure to HIV is a medical emergency. Your response to patients presenting for PEP can support them in preventing a life-long infection with HIV.

A brief, online training module has been created to support health professionals to:
• Increase your understanding of PEP as an emergency presentation and vital HIV prevention measure
• Assist you in providing patients with optimal care and support when seeking PEP in the emergency setting

This course is designed for Medical Officers and Registered Nurses in hospital emergency departments and targeted primary care clinical and rural sites that hold PEP starter packs in South Australia.


Module ACCESS:

  • Visit SHINE SA’s learning management system and create an account (if you do not already have one)
  • Log in at with your new account details
  • Under Course Categories find Clinical Education and then select Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV: An overview for health professionals 
  • Click ‘Enrol Me’
  • Follow instructions to complete the course
  • If you require further support please contact


SA Health has contributed funds towards this program.