Youth and Community Sector Workers

SHINE SA are committed to empowering youth and community sector workers to improve the sexual health and relationship wellbeing of their clients and community.

We offer training and opportunities to increase your knowledge and confidence when working with clients and colleagues in the area of sexual and reproductive health and relationships education.

Our courses are developed for workers and students in the Community Services and Health sectors in specific areas (Youth and Community Work; Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health), however people from other sectors may also find them valuable. Please note we can also develop and provide tailored training for your specific sector or workplace.

Let's Talk About Sexual Health

SHINE SA offers two main community sector courses: Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Youth Focus and Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Aboriginal Focus.

These courses alongside other SHINE SA modules provide opportunities for workers and students to explore their own attitudes towards sexual health and relationships education, so that they can feel confident supporting their clients.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Aboriginal Focus

The Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Aboriginal Focus (previously known as FRESH: Aboriginal Focus) is a 2-day course for workers who wish to improve their sexual and reproductive health knowledge and address sexual and reproductive health and relationship issues within Aboriginal communities.

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Youth Focus

Let’s Talk About Sexual Health: Youth Focus (previously known as FRESH: Youth Focus) provides workers with an opportunity to build their confidence around sexual and reproductive health. The course utilises adult learning techniques, activity-based learning, and encourages participation. A refresher course will soon be available to those who have recently completed the Youth Focus course.

These courses provide:

  • increased confidence working with clients in the area of sexual health
  • a better understanding of how values and beliefs may influence your practice and your clients’ responses in the area of sexual health
  • a new vocabulary about sexual health, gender, sexuality, and relationships to use when talking with your clients
  • practical skills and knowledge to address clients’ sexual health needs
  • familiarity with current resources available and how to use them effectively with clients to explore many areas of sexual health.

Tailored Training

SHINE SA can provide training tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. We can provide service talks, one-off education sessions, education programs and more. Please submit a tailored training request through the following form.

Resources and Education for Youth & Community Sector Workers

Youth Sexual Health

Our regular newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest news and education opportunities related to sexual health.



Aboriginal Focus Newsletter

Our Aboriginal Focus newsletter provides an overview of the latest news at the intersection of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander health and relationships and sexual health news.



Learn how to provide support and information through a greater understanding of pregnancy choices. SHINE SA’s 2-day training explores the options available for pregnant people and is appropriate for youth and community sector workers.

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Learn skills and gain confidence to assist young people experiencing mental health problems or crises.

This course will help you identify the signs of mental health problems, know how and where to get help and understand what sort of help has been shown to be effective.

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Library and Resource Centre

SHINE SA’s Library & Resource Centre is an invaluable resource for youth and community sector organisations. It provides access to specialised relaitonships and sexual health education resources including games, resource kits, books, posters and more.


Online Shop

SHINE SA’s Online Shop is also a great source of realationships and sexual health resources including posters, free pamphlets, card game resources, handouts and more.

We also regularly update and produce a series of Fact Sheets that can be provided to clients or inform educational programs.

SHINE SA has developed training and resources to support people to better understand and support those that are LGBTIQA+. Visit our Sexual & Gender Diversity page to view our upcoming training opportunities alongside resources and helpful links.

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