Multicultural Communities

SHINE SA aims to provide culturally appropriate sexual health services for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Male or female interpreters can be arranged on request.

For information on SHINE SA services in languages other than English, please see below.

Services at SHINE SA: Arabic
Services at SHINE SA: Chinese
Services at SHINE SA: Dari
Services at SHINE SA: French
Services at SHINE SA: Persian
Services at SHINE SA: Vietnamese
Services at SHINE SA: English

A range of books and DVDs on sexual health and relationships for multicultural communities is available from the SHINE SA Library.

More information and resources

The following organisations provide multilingual information on sexual and reproductive health issues:

BreastScreen SA
Adelaide Sexual Health Centre
Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health
Health Translations Directory
Multicultural SA

The ALL GOOD website focuses on key information on blood-borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections, and provides tools and referral pathways to testing and treatment. Information is provided in 17 languages, including English, in both text and spoken word recordings.

Indaba HIV provides information and resources for women living with HIV in South Australia and for service providers working with women living with HIV.


At SHINE SA we aim to:

  • provide effective and culturally appropriate sexual health services, information and education and continue to work with qualified interpreter services
  • provide teaching and educational resources in languages other than English
  • strengthen partnerships with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, their communities and representative agencies
  • provide education to workers and advocate for culturally appropriate approaches to delivering sexual health services in other agencies
  • develop, implement and evaluate programs and projects in partnerships with mutlicultural communities and agencies
  • participate in workshops, conferences and special events to raise awareness about cross-cultural issues and sexual health