Understanding LGBTIQ – ModMed Short Course

This online LGBTIQ module has been developed for health professionals by SHINE SA in partnership with ModMed.

This 2-hour course provides an overview of the key concepts for people working with LGBTIQ individuals.

Understanding LGBTIQ will help increase your confidence in engaging with LGBTIQ clients and fills the information gap about how health professionals can better interact.

Course Outline

Participants will:

  • learn the differences in biological sex, gender and sexual orientation and how culture shapes perceptions of gender and sexual orientation
  • understand the different presentations of sexual orientation and biological sex and gender
  • demonstrate an increased awareness of the health impacts of discrimination and violence on LGBTIQ communities
  • understand the impacts of the attitudes of health workers on the health outcomes for LGBTIQ communities
  • adopt a safe and inclusive medical practice/practitioner approach for LGBTIQ people.

This education is a 4 point CPD Activity under the RACGP CPD Program in the 2020-22 triennium.

Course Details

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For enquiries, please email courses@shinesa.org.au or call 8300 5318.