Having Sex for the First Time, Pleasure and Consent

Your Questions Answered

“How do I ask for consent without being awkward?” “How can I have good sex?” “Can you masturbate too much?”

We all have questions about relationships and sexual health and it turns out there are a lot of common questions. Our sexual health nurse Nikki and relationships and sexual health educator Alana teamed up to answer questions submitted by young South Australians.

In this video series we cover having sex for the first time, pleasure, consent and some bonus questions around STIs and sexuality!

Having Sex for the First Time and Safer Sex

For a lot of people having sex for the first time is a big deal. It’s the logistics, it’s the expectations, it’s the part where you work out what you actually want.

In this video Nikki and Alana run through your questions including: “When do most people start having sex?”, “When will I know if I’m ready to have sex?”, “What should I expect?” and more.

Pleasure, Consent and Rejection

Can you ask for consent without being awkward? In this video we cover the basics of consent and talk about how pleasure and consent go hand in hand.
We also answer your questions: “I think I want to try something different sexually with my partner but I don’t know how to talk about it?, “Is there such as a thing as too much masturbation?” and “How do I deal with rejection?”.

Your STI Questions Answered

How can I get intimate in a way that’s low risk for STIs? Can I get an STI from oral sex? In this short video we answer your top STI questions.

What is Sexuality?

Our relationships and sexual health educator Alana explains that sexuality is a holistic term covering our gender identity, our sexual behaviours, who we’re attracted to, our likes, dislikes and preferences.

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