LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Training

Increasing your organisation’s inclusivity and recognition of diversity will benefit employees, clients, stakeholders and your organisational culture as a whole.

SHINE SA offers three levels of LGBTIQA+ inclusion training and professional development. This includes the following training options.

Understanding LGBTIQ – ModMed Short Course

This online LGBTIQ module has been developed for health professionals by SHINE SA in partnership with ModMed. This course provides an overview of the key concepts for people working with LGBTIQ individuals.

Introduction to Working with Trans and Gender Diverse People Online Course

This 2-hour self-paced online course has been developed to support people in their understanding of gender diversity. It will cover key concepts and terms related to gender diversity and provide an introduction to supporting trans and gender diverse people.

Foundations of LGBTI Inclusion

This half-day training provides an overview of the knowledge needed to create an inclusive workplace. It is low cost and covers topics such as inclusive language, anti-discrimination laws, key areas of focus for creating a safe and inclusive environment and where to access further resources and support.

HOW2 Create LGBTI Inclusive Services

The HOW2 training program is an in-depth, practical program which helps organisations reach their inclusivity goals and potentially achieve accreditation as an inclusive service. Delivered over 4 separate days interspersed with time to implement practical improvements to your workplace’s inclusivity, this program will provide immediate benefits to your organisation.

The program is based on a set of 6 national standards developed by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria (GLHV), in conjunction with QIP (Quality, Innovation & Performance), known as Rainbow Tick Accreditation. SHINE SA was the first South Australian organisation to be awarded Rainbow Tick accreditation for LGBTI inclusive practice and is proud to support other organisations to create safer and more inclusive workplaces and services.

For enquiries, please email or call 8300 5318.