South Australian Students’ Views on Relationships and Sexual Health Education

[These lessons are useful] so we are aware of what might happen, what we can do if something does happen and to give us information about everything so we are ready for the future. – South Australian student


SHINE SA’s latest Student Snapshot Report looks at feedback from over 3,000 secondary students in South Australia. This feedback was part of an annual survey that captures students’ experiences of relationships and sexual health (R&SH) education.


In South Australian secondary schools, comprehensive R&SH education is primarily delivered through the SHINE SA Focus Schools Program. A key part of this program is delivery of SHINE SA’s R&SH Curriculum by educators (mapped to the Australian Curriculum and Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum). Many of the schools involved in this program encourage their students to provide feedback giving insight into opportunities for future R&SH education practices.


The survey feedback captured includes both quantitative data and qualitative feedback that highlights how safe and supported students felt in their R&SH lessons, how useful the lessons were and their interactions with parents/carers around R&SH and more.


We value the views of all students on their relationships and sexual health lessons and recommend reading the 2022 Student Snapshot Report for more insight into the practice of R&SH education in South Australia.


View the Student Snapshot Report