SHINE SA Launches Free Guide to Periods and Menstrual Cycle for Young People

SHINE SA is excited to launch: A Quick Guide to the Menstrual Cycle & Periods. This free resource for young people aims to demystify periods and provide helpful information on periods.

The guide comes after the Commissioner for Children and Young People produced the Menstruation Matters report in 2021, which addresses the impact of menstruation on wellbeing, school participation and attendance, and involvement in educational, sporting and social activities.

The Commissioner writes:

Many young people told me about the stigma they associate with menstruation, about the lack of knowledge they have about their bodies, about the lack of information they have about how to manage their periods, and how period pain is rarely acknowledged or taken into account in relation to their school performance or attendance.”

Our free guide has been developed to help young people understand their periods and answer the questions young people have, for example: What is a period? Why do I get periods? What products are available?

The resource is available as a physical booklet to provide to young people or as an online resource.

The physical booklet is useful for educators, counsellors, support workers, parents and carers.

The online resource can be accessed on the SHINE SA website.


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