Respect Me + You, Is Your Syphilis Check Up Due?

Syphilis is becoming more and more common.

Getting a regular sexual health check helps protect you and your community.

What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) spread when you have sex with someone who has the infection.

Why test, treat and notify partners?

Syphilis can have serious health consequences if left untreated.
However it is easy to cure if treated early.

If untreated, syphilis can damage the brain, vision, heart, veins, liver, bones,
muscles and joints.

Syphilis in pregnancy can harm babies.

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How do I get checked for syphilis?

Talk to a health worker at your local clinic.

The health worker will take blood to test for syphilis. If there is a sore they may swab it.



Where can I get tested?

Speak to your doctor, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service or visit a SHINE SA clinic.

For a list of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services visit Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia (AHCSA).

Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Member Services

SHINE SA Clinics


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Follow the hashtag #RespectMeAndYou and share the message of staying connected and getting tested. You can download our campaign resources to share the message with your community group, health service, school or workplace.

This campaign is produced by Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia and SHINE SA.