New Video Resources for Clinicians: Syphilis Symptoms, Serology and Treatment

SHINE SA have released two new short videos that provide advice for clinicians on syphilis symptoms and treatment. This resource expands on our syphilis overview for clinicians. 

Syphilis presents a serious public health issue as it causes harm to the developing foetus and increases the transmission and acquisition of HIV. With an increase in syphilis cases in South Australia it is important that health professionals understand the signs, symptoms, stages and treatment.

The following set of videos presented by Sexual Health Physician, Dr Carole Khaw will cover the topics of Signs, Symptoms and Stages as well as Serology and Treatment:

Syphilis Signs, Symptoms and Stages Video

Syphilis Serology and Treatment Video

We encourage you to share these new video resources with your colleagues and organisation.

For more information on current infectious syphilis outbreak read the SA Health Fact Sheet for Health Professionals.

For patient information read SHINE SA’s Syphilis Fact Sheet.

This activity has been made possible by funding from Country SA PHN.