International Transgender Day of Visibility

The 31st of March is International Transgender Day of Visibility. Each year we acknowledge this day and celebrate transgender and gender diverse people around the globe, their courage and accomplishments.

A ‘transgender’ person is one whose gender identity or expression is different from their assigned sex.

Unfortunately, transgender people are more likely to experience isolation due to societal stigma, discrimination and harassment. This is exacerbated for transgender people living in smaller, less populated communities such as regional and rural areas.

We want to acknowledge those who identify as trans or gender diverse living in regional areas of Australia and the particular courage they have.

Recognising the need for support in country South Australia, SHINE SA have introduced Gender Connect Country SA.
Gender Connect Country SA is a peer-based service for those who identify or support someone that identify as trans, gender diverse or gender questioning and live in Country SA.

You can learn more at Gender Connect Country SA.

For more information on our support for people that identify as trans, gender diverse and gender questioning visit Gender Wellbeing Service.