Sexual Health Week 16-20 September 2024

Sexual Health Week invites all South Australians to have conversations around improving our sexual health and relationship wellbeing.

Unfortunately many people feel embarrassed talking about their sexual health, Sexual Health Week hopes to invite destigmatising conversations about sexual health in a fun and positive way.


Sexual Health Week Events

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Get involved!

Sexual Health Week is the perfect excuse to host an event as part of your group or organisation.

It can be as simple or creative as you like.

For example:

  • Host a morning tea that focuses on respectful relationships.
  • Create a youth event with games that encourage people to think about safety, pleasure and respect.
  • Share information around sexual health messaging in your next meeting or on your social media.
  • Include top resources for sexual health in your next newsletter.
  • Display posters and include resources in your organisation that encourage the normalisation of sexual health.

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Suggested captions include:

  • Let’s celebrate Sexual Health Week! This year’s theme is ‘Knowledge is Power’. How can learning more about sexual health improve your wellbeing?
  • It’s Sexual Health Week, and this year we’re thinking about how sexual health awareness and education improves our wellbeing (and relationships!).
  • This year’s Sexual Health Week asks: How can we improve our sexual health and relationships through knowledge and education?
  • This year’s Sexual Health asks: How are we empowered through relationshhips and sexual health education?


TBA for 2024

SHINE SA wants to support youth and community sector organisations to get involved in this year’s Sexual Health Week. Be a part of raising awareness of sexual health and creating destigmatising conversations.

SHINE SA will provide successful organisations with a $2,000 grant (inc gst) to host an event and where appropriate can provide resources (such as posters, Fact Sheets) and information.

All applications must be submitted by COB 18 August 2023.

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Download resources

SHINE SA have a host of free resources that can be used to start conversations around being better in bed.

Our Online Shop has resources including:

  • posters
  • cards and games
  • Fact Sheets
  • and more.

If you are hosting a Sexual Health Week event, contact us for additional event-based resources.

You can also check out our Library and Resource Centre for activities, games and other resources.

Online Shop



Further resources

The Busy Youth Workers’ Guide to Talking Sexual Health 

A great resource that will support you in approaching topics about sexual health and relationships when talking to young people.  

Download Now 


Talk Soon. Talk Often. A Guide for Parents Talking to their Kids About Sex

To support parents/carers on how to approach educating their children about reproduction, sexuality and relationships, and more. 

Download Now 


Talking About Sexual Health tool

PlaySafe (NSW Health) have put together the Talking About Sexual Health tool, a great approach to facilitate conversation
with young people about sexual health.

Download Now


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