Sexual and Reproductive Health and General Practice and Counselling Fee Changes

Sexual and Reproductive Health and General Practice Fee Changes

As of July 2021, SHINE SA’s clinic and counselling fees are changing.

  • Clients aged 25 and under with a Medicare card will be bulk billed (excluding consumables*).
  • Clients aged over 25 with a valid Concession/Health Care card will be bulk billed (excluding consumables*).
  • Clients aged over 25 without concessions will be charged fees that are payable on the day with their Medicare rebate refunded before leaving the clinic. This will leave an out-of-pocket expense (gap payment).

*Consumables include contraception supplied by SHINE SA, medication, and some vaccines.


Fee guide for clients aged over 25 (Non-Concession Card Holder) are as follows:

ServicePayable On DayMedicare RebateOut-Of-Pocket Expense (Gap)
Short Appointment: Less than 10 mins$32.75$17.75$15
Standard Appointment: Less than 20 mins$73.75$38.75$35
Long Appointment: More than 25 mins$120.05$75.05$45
Prolonged Appointment: More than 45 mins
Nurse Consult$35$35
IUD Assessment$135.05$75.05$60
IUD Assessment (Nurse)$60$60
IUD Insertion$330.65$130.65$200 + cost of device
Implanon Insertion$166.25$106.25$60 + cost of device
Implanon Removal$188.35$128.35$60

Note: All clients are required to pay the cost of supplied consumables.

More information on fees:

  • Minor procedures involve a consult fee, gap payment and consumable fee (if applicable).
  • Fees are a guide only and total costs and out of pocket expenses may vary on the day of your appointment. Fees are adjusted annually.
  • Clients experiencing hardship are encouraged to discuss their situation with the clinician at their appointment.
  • A cancellation fee may be charged if clients do not cancel their appointment or fail to attend.
  • Non-Medicare card holders will be charged a full cost of consult without a rebate. Any pathology taken will be directly billed. We do not process Private Health Insurance claims, we do provide a receipt for you to claim through your insurer.

Counselling Fee Changes

As of July 2021:

Counselling services for clients under 25 years old will be free.

Concession/Health Care card holders will pay a $25 fee per session.

Clients over 25 years old (non-Concession card holders) will pay a $50 fee per session.

Sessions for workers and carers of people living with a disability will incur a $100 fee.


If you have any questions about these changes contact 8300 5300.