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Sexual Health Check Resources

Did you know you can have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and not know about it? Luckily getting a sexual health check is painless, confidential and easy.

SHINE SA’s Sexual Health Check campaign has been developed to raise the awareness of STIs and encourage young people to receive a sexual health check!

According to a recent epidemiological report released by SA Health, in South Australia there were 8,181 new notifications of STIs and BBVs in 2017. This is a 7% increase in the number of new notifications compared to notifications received in 2016, and a 14% increase compared to the five year average (2012-2016). Of these notifications 77% were people aged 15 to 29 years.

Below are some digital resources that can be used to help support SHINE SA’s Sexual Health Check campaign!

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Sexual Health Check Posters

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Social Media Tiles

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SHINE SA Social Media Tiles
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In South Australia, STIs are on the rise. Luckily they’re easy to test and treat. If you’re under 30 get a FREE sexual health check at SHINE SA.

Ain’t no shame in STIs. They’re easy to test and treat!

Got a new sexual partner? It’s the perfect time to get a sexual health check!

Easy. Painless. Confidential. Get a sexual health check at SHINE SA, your local doctor or Aboriginal Health service!

You could have an STI and not know about it! If you’re under 30 get a sexual health check for FREE at SHINE SA.


STIs and Sexual Health FAQ Booklet

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Where can I get a sexual health check/tested?

  • At a SHINE SA clinic, click here for clinic locations
  • Make an appointment with your local doctor, health care provider or Aboriginal Health service
  • Adelaide Sexual Health Centre: drop in or phone, 275 North Terrace, Adelaide, 08 7117 2800

Other helpful resources

SHINE SA Fact Sheets

SHINE SA Fact Sheet: Sexually transmitted infections



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