Safer Sex – Use a Condom Resources

Could your organisation help us share the message of Safer Sex?

As STIs rise in Australia, recent research suggests many young South Australians aren’t protecting themselves against STIs by using condoms. When used correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing most STIs and unintended pregnancy.

The Safer Sex – Use a Condom campaign has been produced to raise awareness of safer sex and STI prevention through condom use.

Key Messages

Safety. Pleasure. Respect. The keys to a great sex life.

Condoms are your best protection against infection.

Safer sex is good for you and your sexual partner/s.

Help spread the word

Our campaign toolkit below can be used to help support SHINE SA’s Safer Sex – Use a Condom campaign.

The toolkit includes posters which can be ordered for free or downloaded and social media tiles to share.

These resources can also be used with SHINE SA’s updated Choices in Contraception Cards and Easy Guide to STIs Cards.

Free Posters

We have created a set of five A2 posters which can be downloaded or ordered through SHINE SA’s Online Shop.

Download or Order

Free Social Media Tiles

Social media is a great way to spread the Safer Sex message. We have produced a set of social media tiles for this campaign as well as some recommended captions to use when sharing. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #SHINESA or #SHINESASaferSex.


Recommended Social Media Captions:

Real simple. Use condoms. Prevent STIs. Visit

Safety. Pleasure. Respect. The keys to a great sex life. Visit

Safer sex is good for you and your sexual partner/s. Visit

The best way to prevent STIs? Use a condom. Visit

Did you know that if you’re aged 15-29, you’re more at risk of getting an STI than any other age group? Prevent STIs by using a condom. Visit

Only get sensual if it’s consensual. Visit


Provide Condoms at your Organisation/Service

Interested in providing condoms for free at your organisation? Talk to SHINE SA!


Other helpful resources

Get A Sexual Health Check Campaign Resources

Safer Sex Fact Sheet

Condoms Fact Sheet

Fact Sheets

SAHMRI, ‘Lets Talk About It’ South Australian Sexual Health Survey Results 2019


If you would like to give feedback on this campaign please email: